Advance MySQL MCQ Interview Question’s & Answer’s

Advance MySQL

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Can we have more than 1 primary key in a table?

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State whether the statement is true or false? 'PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE KEY both are the same'

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If you are asked to find out the names which only have 5 characters then what query pattern you will use?

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Suppose you are asked to display all the names which have 'a' as their second character then which query pattern you will use?

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Suppose you have 1000 records and you only want 100 records which of the following clause you will use?

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From all the clauses in MYSQL what task is performed by the DISTINT clause?

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Which of the following is the correct syntax for using the TRUNCATE statement?

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If you are asked to delete the entire data of a table without disturbing the table definition then in such case which statement you will use?

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What is the function of DESCRIBE statement?

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Suppose you have two columns named student_name and student_department inside table student_details and you are asked to update the value of these two columns where ID=4 then what statement you will write?

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