Intermediate MySQL MCQ Interview Question’s & Answer’s

Intermediate MySQL

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Is it important to provide where condition with update statement in MYSQL?

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What does the show tables command do?

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Suppose you are asked to drop a column using alter statement then which syntax you will follow?

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Suppose you have a table named to test and inside this table you have a column named CGPA now if you are asked to change the column named CGPA to total percentage, using alter command then which of the following statement you will write?

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Can you change the column name using alter command?

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Which of the following is the correct syntax to add a field using alter command?

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ALTER command is a type of which SQL command?

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Which of the following command is used to delete a database?

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If our database name is 'schooldb' and we want to drop this database will the query work if we will write our database name in capital letters?

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In the following statement, what do you mean by the 'student'?

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